Sunday, July 18, 2010

Polecat-Any one run this?

I have been running this as a compliment to my offense. It is a nice change up to the offense. The kids love it and we have been blessed with athletic enough quarterbacks to run it throughout the years.

I believe that is can be advantageous to the offense if you spend some time to practice this formation and it's complimentary plays.

Here is a clip of the Redskins trying to run it against the Giants. You can find the clip at about the 1 minute 40 second mark.

Here are some other clips of the offense being run.

If the aforementioned link does not work cut and past this one.

I would love to hear what if you guys run this offense with you home team.

Here are some more variations of the Polecat this one would be considered the swinging gate on PAT attempts

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  1. We used to kick butt with the Swinging Gate when I played HS back in the day, but we ran it with the linemen out wider and the RB only 2 yds behind them. A lot of that depends on the abilities of your Center being able to snap the ball and being able to "sling" it sideways almost like a pass.