Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No-Huddle Manual

I have been working on a no-huddle manual for about two years now. I pick it up and put it down. I am in the final chapter of it and it needs to be edited. Is there anything in a no-huddle manual you are looking for and just can't seem to find.

When I am done, I plan on posting it to the Kindle store for everyone to enjoy. I will let everyone know when it is finally completed.

Post Season Analysis through five games

I have been undertaking a major post game analysis and I sat down today to take a look at a couple of things that I already have compiled

We ran 300 plays in five games
We had 25 Explosive Plays
Explosive plays are defined as plays of twenty or more yards
14 Run
7 Pass
4 Screen

Our number one run play was Counter.
Our number one pass play was a tie between our Polecat look and a play action bubble slant we run.
Our number one screen play was jailbreak

The scoring average for these five games was 45.2
Our season average was 38.

It also interesting to note that during this time-frame we gave up zero sacks.

I hope to have this project completed in the next couple of weeks with more in depth breakdown.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Improving Practice Tempo ~ GridNotes

Some interesting notes about practice tempo. This year we had over 80 guys on our varsity football team. Nothing drives me more crazy then have guys standing around watching the practice go by. We put in place grass drills for all position groups if they were not actively involved in a segment of practice. We had the WRs doing a square drill-throwing and catching and then moving to the other side and repeat.
The offensive line were doing their kung fu phase-A series of low impact drills that places an emphasis on hand fighting.

The rbs were running a series of cones cutting and jumping with an emphasis on keeping the ball high and tight. If you came to our practice it looked like chaos but believe me it was one of the best things we did all year.

Below is a post from GridIron notes about practice tempo.

Improving Practice Tempo ~ GridNotes

This Season 's Production

Well our season has been over for about a month now and I am finally coming out the haze. We went 10-1 on the season. We were completely a no-huddle team this season and we had an exceptional season as far as production was concerned.

Our quarterback threw for 2900 yards, 28 TDs and 4 Ints
We rushed for 1400 yards and averaged 6.6 yards per carry.

It was by far our best season from a production stand point in the last five years.

I attribute our success to a couple of things that we implemented this past season.

1. No-Huddle-All the time. We had run no-huddle in previous seasons but it was a component of our offense. We would jump in and out of it in previous seasons as we deemed necessary. This season we stayed in it the entire game and found that it put a tremendous amount of pressure on the defense and allowed us to run exactly what we wanted to on each offensive snap. I was so inspired by our success with the no-huddle that I decided to write an electronic manual on the nuances of the no-huddle that should be available to view in the upcoming months.

2. End Zone Camera-This year we purchased an end zone camera from www.endzonecamera.com. Jamie Hill is the owner of the company and he offered us a tremendous amount of support throughout the season. I really liked the end zone camera because it allowed me to see exactly what the quarterback was seeing at the line of scrimmage. Additionally, it allowed us to videotape our practices and make corrections to techniques the next day. It was by far the best investment we have ever made in our program.

3. Helmet Cam-We acquired a helmet cam that allowed us to see exactly what the quarterback was seeing before, during, and after the snap. This tool was invaluable to us because it allowed us to see exactly what the quarterback was seeing during each play. If the qb was looking in the wrong spot it allowed us to coach the qb up and put his eyes in the correct location. Additionally, it was invaluable for us in pass protection, assessing the center's gun snap, the eyes of the qb in the inside run period.

The technology we used cost us money but the money for both of the products was the best money we have ever invested into our program.

If you are looking for more information about the end zone camera and the helmet cam please do not hesitate to contact me at fastbreakgrassfootball@gmail.com or jek0152001@hotmail.com.

DVDs for Sale

I am trying to clear out the clutter in my office. I need to make room for some of the new items I will be bringing into the house.

Here is my list:
Sonny Dykes series
Tom Lewis Single Wing Series
Coaching the Shovel Ken Leonard
2008 Wisconsin Football Coaches Association Box Set
2006 NTCA ClinicShot Put and Discus Clinic 2 Box series
Tunch Punch
Centerline Football
Vision Trainer
30 Speed and Power Drills for throwing (Shot and Discus)
Original DVDs from numerous series of the COOL Clinic

I have numerous books to let go of as well. Some of them are mint to worn condition. Please let me know if you are interested. You can email me fastbreakgrassfootball@gmail.com or you can leave a comment if you are interested in any of the above items.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Next article soon

As the hangover of the season disappears...new articles are coming.

Trips passing concepts. 3 step and 5 step.

any other ideas out there?