Thursday, July 1, 2010


When protection breaks down, the QB needs to have the poise to make a quick decision. I don’t really think there can be a black and white answer when a QB is scrambling. Often we see the QB gets into trouble and cringe while watching him run for his life and chunk one deep…the result being a touchdown. However you do need to stress to him to be smart with the football.

The golden rule is


I picked up a piece of advice at a clinic that helped clarify this rule.

When scrambling:
Near the HASH MARKS, the throw should be OUTSIDE the HASH MARKS.

Near the NUMBERS, the throw should be OUTSIDE the NUMBERS.

Near the SIDELINE, the throw should be at the SIDELINE or OUT of BOUNDS.

You need to remind the QB that completions are more important than trying to make a big play. He needs to know don’t be afraid to throw out of bounds or RUN. A future blog article will outline QB escapes.

The rules for WRs are fairly simple with one exception. That would be TOO DEEP and DEEP. TOO DEEP is when the WR has run the classic fade route and is 40 yards down field. He can come straight back to the QB’s vision. DEEP is when a WR has run a POST or CORNER route. If the WR sees the QB get into trouble right after his break, he can change direction and still gain depth.



If your route is

TOO DEEP come back to open grass

DEEP break opposite but don’t out run your QB’s ARM

SHORT go long keeping an eye on the QB

MEDUIM stay at your level and stay or get into QB’s view

BACKSIDE get into QB’s view and stay in open grass, don’t run to another WR’s level


QB scrambles to RIGHT

QB scrambles to the LEFT

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  1. great post about the basics. i like these briefings of basics rules.