Saturday, May 1, 2021

3 Different Tags for Power & A PA off of it...

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This entry into the blog will focus on three different ways to use the power blocking scheme in your run game and a play-action that pairs perfectly with it. If you follow me on Twitter you have seen various clips on this and YES, the diagrams and rules are in the book. BUT it's power, who doesn't know it! 

1st play up is Power Read, here is a little secret I will let go of. I love Power Read from Empty and the bonus is, this is a key 3rd and short play for me.
Stack the formation run power and attach a now screen. This is simply the easiest way to dress up Power.
I spoke about my love of Power Read earlier. I think the Toss with it, is currently the best way to run it right now.
If you are going to run Power Read, you need to run Rail off of Play-Action. This is the most successful Play Action pass. I have ever had.

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