Friday, May 10, 2013

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Question: Want to be a great coach?

Answer: Listen and learn from other great coaches. I had the opportunity to check out National Football Academies camp this morning. WOW! To have the chance to see Coach Dub Maddox speak and coach in person...AWESOME. Here are parts of his talk.

You must affirm to your players, Let them know "What It takes"

We are looking for leaders and in today's society, they are hard to find.

Coach Maddox talked about the definition of a LEADER and HOW to LEAD.

How to Lead
1. It's not about me
2. "Moving the Chains" can be defined as doing the little things, making sacrifices, and doing things that make you uncomfortable

What do you LOVE about the game?
-You are looking for that affirmation that answers THE question.
-The people that you play the game with!

What do SUCCESSFUL people do?
1. They make it about others (serving) not about themselves.
2. They do the little things RIGHT!
3. They are willing to SUFFER for others

Coach Maddox showed a great collection of movie clips that represented heroes. He defined them as someone that sacrificed, overcame adversity and was mentored by someone.

He ended by saying...

"They are wating for YOU to be great. How do you do it?

Coach DUB MADDOX in action (forgive me for the windy sound)

NFA DRILL with Coach Maddox from John Maurek on Vimeo.