Friday, May 31, 2019

Inside Zone Variations and Updates....

I know, everyone has sent me a message waiting on Part 2 of my Glazier Clinic Notes from Brent Dearmon and they are coming soon..

This past month I haven't had a chance to update the blog, due to my new position as Head Football Coach at a new school. Busy with Spring Football and licking my chops being able to teach the game from the ground up again!

This doesn't mean, we don't have some great updates for you!

If you subscribe to my YouTube Channel you know I have dropped off some exciting videos this last month!

Inside Zone Bash

The hottest article on this site in a while was The Bash Concept posted by John Konecki!

While like him I love the Bash Concept when paired with Counter. Here is an alternative for those of you who are heavy Inside Zone.

Inside Zone Drills, Formations and Film

If you are a member of our Facebook Group No Huddle Tempo Practice you know the question how do you run Inside Zone is asked a TON!

I am a firm believer in as many double teams as possible.  But here is a presentation on how to install the Inside Zone.

Variation and Window Dressing the IZ in the Spread 

My best selling CoachTube Class is no doubt Using The Stick Route In the RPO Game and I have now followed up with Game Tested RPOS , but everyone is not 100% ready and willing to go full RPOs such as those.

Here is a simple way to add a post-snap pass off of Inside Zone that will give the defense multiple looks! I got this from Joe Osovet and The Bolt Offense

Two Must Read Articles

If you want to become a better offensive coach, I have 2 must read articles that have been recently published!

Read tags in the Shotgun Run Game by Barry Hoover
How to Minimize Football Plays & Maximize Production: #R4 & the Pareto Principle.. by Dub Maddox 


and if I can only give you 2, I would encourage my favorite author, Joshua Medcalf, Start with Chop Wood, Carry Water and Burn Your Goals

New Podcast to add to your Playlist

The Culture Classroom --> AMAZING! 

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