Saturday, February 15, 2014

Some Non football finds...that may help you!

I have discovered Google+
This has cut into my FACEBOOK time (not a BAD thing!)

Here are some good videos I have found and would like to share...ENJOY!!!



Using an iPad to share presentations....

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

How I take clinic notes...

As the clinic season gets underway for me, I thought I would share some insight on how I take, then compile my notes. This year I will try out using my iPad as well as my newest addition of a Bluetooth keyboard. I got a great deal on the keyboard thanks to nomorerack.com.

Here are the staples of what I like to pack in my bag.

Yes, I know most clinics supply a tablet, BUT I am somewhat "OCD"  and I have discovered the spacing is not always the best...

Sorry IRISH...
Here is what I like to use. Email me if you want a copy. DRAW A PLAY TEMPLATE

and of course highlights too! This is the result of using the R4 system. I like to go back and color the diagrams with colors for RHYTHM, READ, RUSH. Or just separate the OLine blocking and the RBs...


This is one of my "PAY IT FORWARDS". Just is case someone forgets one. Plus the Vendors always seem to have a ton.

or whatever you call it now a days... If a Speaker has a PowerPoint to share, I can sometimes get him to drop it on my drive. It save him an email. However, the popularity of the HUDL presentation may make this tech tool obsolete!

I always try to pack Chap Stick, gum and mints. These are necessities for morning breath..and I always share!

YES, I'm one those nerds that like to sit up front. I always try to make sure to sit on the side opposite of the speaker. This is the best view!

TIP: Don't hesitate to ask the speaker to join you for lunch or dinner...especially if the coach is from out of town.

If the speaker has handouts, great, I will still try to make additional notes and then put them into my Power Points.Why do use Power Point? Because I can have notes AND drawings availiable. As most of the coaches I have shared notes with know, I mainly use two different types of slides.

The first one has a large TEXT BOX for general notes.


The other is a yard line grid. It is adapted from PLAYMAKER PRO with some "life-life" colors. The bottom has player assignments.

If the play diagrammed is a run play, I will try to use a larger view for the blocking scheme.

And for drills, I will use some shape to make figures...

Over the years, I have become pretty adept at "drawing" in Power Point. This the result of trial and error. Lines have become fairly simple. The new version of Power Point made the line more difficult (For shame Bill Gates!). But, I found that is If use an old PP file the lines translate...

So, after the clinic, I try to highlight one idea from each speaker and post some CLINIC NUGGETS.

Then, in the weeks to follow, depending upon my schedule. I transfer my notes to a PP.

I put them on a clip board and set on my "Macgyver Prop Up".

No gum was not used...just PVC, electrical tape and some shelf liner to keep it from sliding around.

I'm lucky, that I have an hour at school, after the students have been loaded on the bus. Some peace and quiet in my office. Unless, I'm at home as a result of a SNOW DAY!

I plan to make a short video on how to draw curvy line in PowerPoint. But that will become obsolete as a make full transition to the APPLE WORLD.



Sunday, February 2, 2014


I have known these coaches for years and have learned a ton from them!

A great opportunity and very cost effective!

Below is an email from Coach Alison

We are hosting a fast n furious coaching clinic in Springfield, IL on March 8, 2014. 
The clinic is taught by 
Ken Leonard (Head Coach at Sacred Heart-Griffin HS)
Derek Leonard (Head Coach at Rochester High School) 
John Allison (Offensive Coordinator at Sacred Heart-Griffin High School)
It is a coaching system that we have been doing a few years now and 
generally do on just a single school by school basis. 
Normally the cost for the clinic is $750. 
We are having a larger one day clinic and opening it up to a maximum of 8 schools. 
Because we are doing several at the same time, we are lowering the cost for the one day clinic to $300.
That includes bringing your entire staff with all access to the materials on Hudl. 
The clinic will last for at least 8 hours and will begin at 9:00 am. 
For more information please see the attachment. 
If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact me.
Rochester H.S. Set record for most offensive yards in a season in 2012.
Sacred Heart-Griffin H.S. set Illinois State scoring record in 2013.
Combined 8 State Championships in the last 9 years.
Coach Alison, Coach Leonard AND our own Coach Konecki will be speaking...