Monday, January 27, 2014

2014 INDY Glazier Nuggets



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Dominate with Data

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Must use TAG a GAME next year!

Don't use QUICKLY ADD COLUMN if you want all you staff to see it.

Andy Mitchell OC Marian College (IN)

Our #2 blocker for bubble doesn't sprint off the line, he shuffles to read the defender's angle.

Our TEs don't make moves...he makes the defender PAY for tackling him.

Mike Emendorfer HC University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Sacks are not always the result of poor pass protection...many times it is the QB being indecisive with his reads.

If I find I find a formation that makes you "bleed", I'm sticking with it.

All UWP PowerPoints are available for a small fee going to the GAs

Coach Munz  

Blair Hubbard HC Faith Christian HS (CO)

Our rocket sweep is nothing more than a hyperactive Outside Zone,

We chart who is making the tackle on Rocket Sweep...then we attack where that defender was...

PowerPoints and DVD clips are available by contacting Coach Hubbard

Faster than the FLY 

Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Favorite play of 2014: Coach Banks

Coach Terrance Banks joins us again for a guest post!

Twitter @tbanks1906

Many of us have fallen in love with the Snag concepts, 3-man snag or the Andrew Coverdale mesh (Coach  Coverdale's original concept can be found here) is one of the most used plays in offensive football today. 2 man snag, used heavily be UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone has quickly become a new favorite of many coaches, mine as well.

However, I have a variation that I fell in love with this season, that is the Snag, Wheel, Swing especially inside the redzone and primarily to the boundary. Without further ado, clips. 

For more talk on this play join us at

Nohuddlespread Proboards

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Coach Mo notes...This is our first post of the year. I can't believe we have been away this long! I have to retrain and discover how to insert HUDL clips directly into the post.