Monday, August 20, 2012


I have always struggled with how to practice No-huddle...Use signals or Codes that the defense starts to learn and cheat (bad defense,bad!). Last week I started to channel my inner ADD. What if I called a code and some signals at the same time? So I would sugar huddle the Offense and tell them "DOUBLES...Listen to me" BREAK.  I would yell our code for ALL HITCH and signal ALL GO. Then WRs run ALL GO...perfect.
"DOUBLES...Look at me" BREAK. I would yell our code for Y Stick and signal Y Cross.
Then the WRs run Y Cross...bingo.

The WRs have picked it up and now the defense can't cheat!

I helped out our young WR group for TRIPS formation...the question always being what does #3 do now, coach?
"TRIPS...ONE and TWO listen to ME, THREE Look at me"
I yell the concept for #1 and #2 WRs and signal #3.

I have started to expand it a bit today and had another assistant stand next to me. We would sugar huddle and I would make the call
"Listen to Me"
"Look at Me"
"Listen to Coach"
"Look at Coach"

Now the next challenge, how to indicate who/what is live and what is dummy during a game!

Friday, August 10, 2012

NEW POSTS are coming

Sorry for the delay.

We plan to post "play of the week"

As we approach a less stressful week, We will get some articles in swing!

Look for great stuff after August 24th...which is an opponent (and friend) that reads this blog!
We don't want to tip our hat!