Saturday, July 31, 2010

JailBreak Screen

I use to run the rocket screen but in the spring I saw some cutups of the jailbreak screen that has been made popular by Air Raid teams. I decided to install it and I will probably never run our rocket screen anymore.
Here are the coaching pts for oline
Pass Set and Miss
Work to the side of the screen. Pick up most dangerous man as you are running your tracks.

QB fake the swing to the running back and then throw the screen to the X or the Z.

X or Z take 3 steps upfield and use fast hands and fast feet. Come back to LOS and pick your way through the wall of death. The oline is coming fast and I call them the wall of death.

Here are 2 clips from the Women's World Championship:

Untitled from Peter Johanson on Vimeo.

Here is the inspiration for the wall of death. I became aware of this term while I was working security at a major music pavilion.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jeremiah Masoli=West Coast Tim Tebow

I know morally they are polar opposites but Masoli is an exciting player to watch on the field. I was impressed with how well he was able to run the offense for the Ducks last year. I hope we have another chance to see this young man play. If he does get a second chance then he better be able to keep his nose clean or he will follow in the footsteps of players like Maurice Clarett.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Unbalanced Wildcat

Here is a clip of Team USA running the unbalanced wildcat from the Women's World Championship. We ran stretch to the TE and pulled a guard off the oline and turned her into the lead back.

Any thoughts on any counters off of this set?

Untitled from Peter Johanson on Vimeo.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Innovator of the Spread-Mike Springston

Many of you may not know this but those in the know this man can be credited with many of the nuances with the modern day spread offense as you know it.

Old Notes I found

I was reading one of my old Coverdale books and I found some notes.

Here they are:
4 Tempos

1. Regular-Signal in Play

2. Indy-Get to line, call signals look to sideline

3. Jet-Fast as possible, no play change

4. Scan-Call formation, look to sidelines

No huddle body clock- I think I got this from someone on Coachhuey's board but I'm not sure.

1. Touch top of head
2. Cover both ears
3. Hand around throat
4. Touch forehead
5. Hold out five fingers
6. Six shooters at hips
7. Drink Something
8. Hand on stomach
9. shoot in the air

I personally use warp speed no huddle with three pre-determined plays in row. We have taught our kids to make the necessary change to the formation(s) based upon the hash. Additionally, the players will yell out the direction of play prior to the onset of it via code words.

Here is some video of a Head Coach out of Auburn, Illinois speaking about his no huddle system. Some pretty neat nuggets in there if you watch the whole ten minutes.
At the end Coach Bates talks about his ten minute drill which is a neat way to run an uptempo system.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's almost here!!

One week to go until the 2010 season begins...

Since the season will be busy and in depth articles will be few...My posts will become more of a diary entry with "hey, this worked great!" or "boy, did that suck!"

Any last requests?

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Polecat-Any one run this?

I have been running this as a compliment to my offense. It is a nice change up to the offense. The kids love it and we have been blessed with athletic enough quarterbacks to run it throughout the years.

I believe that is can be advantageous to the offense if you spend some time to practice this formation and it's complimentary plays.

Here is a clip of the Redskins trying to run it against the Giants. You can find the clip at about the 1 minute 40 second mark.

Here are some other clips of the offense being run.

If the aforementioned link does not work cut and past this one.

I would love to hear what if you guys run this offense with you home team.

Here are some more variations of the Polecat this one would be considered the swinging gate on PAT attempts

Golf Balls and Tennis Balls

During training camp in Austin, Texas I had the wide receivers catching golf balls and tennis balls. I soft tossed both of the balls to the wrs and they were then required to look it.

Additionally, we took the golf balls and taped them to the palm of out hands to work on catching the ball with our hands.

If you want to bring some tennis balls out to practice but don't want to pay full price for them. Check out EBAY, I recently bought a 100 used tennis balls for just over 20 dollars. I borrowed one of those lobsters and we will be using it come Monday.

Archos 605 wifi

I recently purchased one of these off of Ebay with a DVR docking station. I am planning on taking JPEGs of upcoming opponents defense and bring this out to pratice with me so I don't have to carry a number of scout papers with me. Additionally, it will allow me to start keeping a digital archive of how different defenses align to our offense. I picked this unit with the DVR for about 150 dollars. I let you know how it works in the near future.

New additions to the library

I have had the opportunity to see Coach Brent Eckley speak at clinics and when I saw he had authored some new spread books, I was excited!



The "101 No Huddle Spread Offense Plays" goes into detail of the base plays that makes his productive and explosive offense. He also adds special plays to keep the defense honest. The description of each play highlights key coaching points that may be overlooked or forgotten!

The "101 No Huddle Offense Drills" has drills for those first installing the offense to advanced drills.

I would highly recommend this books!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Women's National Team

So you many of you may not know this but I just returned from Stockholm, Sweden. I was the US Women's National Team head coach.

Our first game was against Austria here our some highlights of the game.

WWC USA - Austria from BoisEntertainment on Vimeo.

Our second game was against Finland:

WWC Finland - USA from BoisEntertainment on Vimeo.

The Championship was against Canada:

Women World Championship Game 2010 from BoisEntertainment on Vimeo.

The United States came in as the number one seed. The seeding was based upon the number of women who have played tackle football in the country. At this present point in time the US has has over a 100, 000 women participate in football.

You can find all of the stats from the tournament at this link: http://iof1.idrottonline.se/ImageVault/Images/scope_0/id_24082/ImageVaultHandler.aspx

Thursday, July 1, 2010


When protection breaks down, the QB needs to have the poise to make a quick decision. I don’t really think there can be a black and white answer when a QB is scrambling. Often we see the QB gets into trouble and cringe while watching him run for his life and chunk one deep…the result being a touchdown. However you do need to stress to him to be smart with the football.

The golden rule is


I picked up a piece of advice at a clinic that helped clarify this rule.

When scrambling:
Near the HASH MARKS, the throw should be OUTSIDE the HASH MARKS.

Near the NUMBERS, the throw should be OUTSIDE the NUMBERS.

Near the SIDELINE, the throw should be at the SIDELINE or OUT of BOUNDS.

You need to remind the QB that completions are more important than trying to make a big play. He needs to know don’t be afraid to throw out of bounds or RUN. A future blog article will outline QB escapes.

The rules for WRs are fairly simple with one exception. That would be TOO DEEP and DEEP. TOO DEEP is when the WR has run the classic fade route and is 40 yards down field. He can come straight back to the QB’s vision. DEEP is when a WR has run a POST or CORNER route. If the WR sees the QB get into trouble right after his break, he can change direction and still gain depth.



If your route is

TOO DEEP come back to open grass

DEEP break opposite but don’t out run your QB’s ARM

SHORT go long keeping an eye on the QB

MEDUIM stay at your level and stay or get into QB’s view

BACKSIDE get into QB’s view and stay in open grass, don’t run to another WR’s level


QB scrambles to RIGHT

QB scrambles to the LEFT