Sunday, July 18, 2010

Archos 605 wifi

I recently purchased one of these off of Ebay with a DVR docking station. I am planning on taking JPEGs of upcoming opponents defense and bring this out to pratice with me so I don't have to carry a number of scout papers with me. Additionally, it will allow me to start keeping a digital archive of how different defenses align to our offense. I picked this unit with the DVR for about 150 dollars. I let you know how it works in the near future.


  1. Very cool! I want one now. If your playbook is done on PowerPoint, you can also save your slides as jpegs and then have your whole playbook handy on the field also! You just might have to rename some of the pictures depending on how it orders them by numbers.

  2. I'll will have to start saving my allowance!

  3. The 605 is older technology and has come down in price significantly. I am pumped about being able to use this out on the practice field. I should be receiving mine tomorrow.