Friday, August 5, 2011

Crack Screen

This is probably one of my favorite screens when a defense is giving you a soft corner on the boundary. It is a crack screen that we have run with a lot of success over the past couple of years.
The H bubbles and looks for the ball right away.
The X runs downhill and cracks the overhang over #2. The tackle releases immediately and runs to where the corner is going to be post snap. We want to kick the corner out and allow the H to come off the kick out. The F will take off at the snap and look to chip a DE who is flying up field. if he sees no one then he can climb to the next opposite color jersey. The rest of the offensive line steps to the direction of the play and controls their gap. If we get an odd front the fronside guard can climb to the frontside backer. The qb receives the snap and briefly looks downfield and turns his head to the H and delivers the ball to the frontside shoulder on bubble. The H may need to throttle their run momentarily to allow for the tackles kick out of the corner back. In the video below the F is on the wrong side of the formation and needs to moved to boundary.

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