Saturday, July 31, 2010

JailBreak Screen

I use to run the rocket screen but in the spring I saw some cutups of the jailbreak screen that has been made popular by Air Raid teams. I decided to install it and I will probably never run our rocket screen anymore.
Here are the coaching pts for oline
Pass Set and Miss
Work to the side of the screen. Pick up most dangerous man as you are running your tracks.

QB fake the swing to the running back and then throw the screen to the X or the Z.

X or Z take 3 steps upfield and use fast hands and fast feet. Come back to LOS and pick your way through the wall of death. The oline is coming fast and I call them the wall of death.

Here are 2 clips from the Women's World Championship:

Untitled from Peter Johanson on Vimeo.

Here is the inspiration for the wall of death. I became aware of this term while I was working security at a major music pavilion.

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