Sunday, November 21, 2010

Stealing your opponents practice time

As an OC I am huge proponent of stealing the opposing DC's practice time during the week.
We run the following things throughout the year to steal upcoming defensive coordinators practice time.

Pole Cat

No Huddle-Scan and Warp Speed

Swinging Gate

Bruce Eien's BYU

Unbalanced Wildcat set

5 Wide Punt w qb

And a lot of motion and shifting

In the past 52 weeks I have coached in 36 games as an OC and a Head Coach
We have averaged 35 points per game and won 80% of the aforementioned contests.

Does anyone employ these tactics in their game planning?

Here are some clips for some of the stuff above:

Here is a link to see the unbalanced stuff:

Here is a link to see the Polecat stuff: