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Hindsight (Game Planning in the Off-Season) + book updates

Hindsight (Game Planning in the Off-Season)

Two questions, I have been asked a lot via email or via DM's on Twitter is how do I do advance game planning in the off-season and what data do I pull from last season's film.

Two areas of data, I want you to focus on from last season.

1. Go research the amount of times on Possession & 10  that you got 4 yards and find out did you score. Possession & 10 is the first play of the drive. Data shows that in D1 Football teams that gain 4 yards or more on P&10 score 77% of the time. I did my data from last season and it was 79% of the time.

That led me to do 2 things a) start the play calls that got us 4 or more and b) emphasis the importance of P&10 to my kids on offense and defense. More important than 3rd down.

2. Go back and chart your Red Zone areas (20-15) (14-8) (8-3) (3-GL). What plays worked and didn't. You have to figure out a game plan for these areas.
Dear Spread Coaches, it is ok to practice and have a 2 TE, 3 H-back Goal Line Package!

If you fix these two areas and research and improve them from last year, I guarantee it will lead you to more points!

Now on to Game Planning in the Off-Season...

On each opponent you play each next that is the same as last season. You and every coach on your offensive staff should fill out a hindsight sheet.

What goes on this sheet?

1.  What plays worked well? Both Run & Pass
2.  What plays DID NOT work and Why? Both Run & Pass
3.  What did they do to work us?
4.  What did they do that we didn't expect?
5. What do we need to add for next year? Both Run & Pass?

Next, pick 6 formations and go through based on the look you got and write down 2 runs and 2 passes you should have or did use that would or did work. For example, if in 10 personnel trips and zone both ways, along with stick and flood worked,  right it down. If you should have run power read weak instead, write it down.

You are coming up with a base package for next year AND you can find out what plays you are running that need more attention or less attention. For example if you installed 3 man snag but it doesn't show up in the game plan nor what worked well, maybe it's time to scale back. Likewise if you spent limited time on counter and it shows up a lot, maybe more time is needed on this concept.

Book Update


I have an autographed copy and finally decided to read it! Man, why did I wait so long! When at BYU, Coach Mendenhall focused on the process of being different, what could they do well that fit them!

How they recruited players, special teams, what coaches were in charge of what, duty to the mission.

Two takeaways that I have started to use. #1 Player led special teams, he has a special team coordinator but he has a special team captain for each unit. That captain is responsible for grading film, conducting a meeting, helping the SPC decide who belongs on the unit.  The SPC becomes the facilitator.

#2 Delegation of processes to help the team. Not only does he have an OC, DC and STC, Director of Football Operations but a Locker Room Coordinator, Field Coordinator, Recruiting Coordinator, Academic Coordinator, Strength & Conditioning Coordinator. I gave all my coaches a duty, told them my non-negotiables and let them do the rest! Delegate authority! It creates BUY-IN!


Wasn't on my to do list UNTIL Coach Maddox released it. Take your game planning and understanding of pass concepts to the next level. If you are not a member of the r4footballsystems, BUT want to do more in the R4 process, this book is for you.

This book teaches you secondary progressions off of your primary ones and how to change 1 route to help turn a cover 3 beater into a cover 2 beater, etc....


Life lessons are important for growth and the head. Using his boat as a metaphor Richard Bode helps you reflect and learn how to live your best life! Before you can win a state championship or score 50 points there is a process. You have to start with baby steps such as installation of plays and the teaching of concepts.

Next article will be coming shortly with spring football ending, also my next coachtube class is being designed as we speak!

As always...... I thank everyone who has purchased my Coach Tube Class, you can still get 20% off from this blog!


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