Saturday, February 27, 2021

Coach JT O'Sullivan's RPO Course




Not since the incredible "Mind Blower" by Coach Keith Grabowski, have I been this impressed by anything out in the cyberspace.  

I was able "enroll" in this Teachable course. And I was blown away at the sheer amount of content. Over HOURS and HOURS of videos!

Ten Chapters of information include

  1. Welcome
  2. RPO Overview
  3. The Keys To Learning Any RPO
  4. The Run
  5. The Pass
  6. The Option
  7. Why Do RPOs Fail?
  8. How to Protect RPOs?
  9. Bonus Material
  10. Next Steps

Here is a small preview of the course...

This course is not just for a coach, but a fan or player. Coach O'Sullivan details each part of the RPO. What pass options he likes best. Here is one example.

Coach O'Sullivan use the Power Playbook from Just Plays Sports Solutions. 

This short article cannot do justice to Coach's course. You just need to "enroll" in it. 

You can follow him on Twitter... in two places!

Oh, and he has a YouTube channel that is excellent. 

In addition to the RPO course, Coach O'Sullivan has two other Teachable courses. So much content, how can anyone sleep? 

And here is a freebie from Coach! 

Coach O'Sullivan loves to talk ball... He has been on Coach McKie's channel several times. 

Okay so it may be pricey.... whatever...

It is a high end product. No echo or no lighting issues. Annotations are spot on thanks to a Wacom tablet and Epic Pen tool (Soooo cool, I bought both!). BUT, Coach O'Sullivan is always running specials for his courses, be on the lookout. But really the price of the course may be equal to what you could have spent on hotel rooms, beverages, and food this past year. The difference... This expands your mind not your waistline. And never goes away. 

Note: Be aware this course is long! It takes time to digest! I did watch sections several times. 

RPO stands for Run Pass Option, but in Coach O'Sullivan's course it should stand for REALLY, PRETTY, OUTSTANDING. 

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  1. Damn, You sound enthusiastic! I shall start to save my bucs to be able to get those courses then!