Thursday, July 22, 2010

It's almost here!!

One week to go until the 2010 season begins...

Since the season will be busy and in depth articles will be few...My posts will become more of a diary entry with "hey, this worked great!" or "boy, did that suck!"

Any last requests?


  1. Good luck coach. In Michigan here, we can't start until August 9th...not sure where you are at.
    I'm curious on your specific feelings on Malzahn and the simplicity/yet complex look. I know there is a lot out there on sites and I've seen it, but a couple questions:
    Do you know how they call all the motions? We always struggle with using motion and how to work it in and keep the play calling simple...I love the idea of starting single back and ending in 2 backs.
    Question #2:
    What are your feelings on using standard twins set vs. slot vs. tight slot in the passing game? We use the same concepts from each to avoid a "tell" but in your experience, what is "best".

  2. I have Malzahn's book...It doesn't go into details about Motion. Some teams feel that motion slows down the offense. I like to use motion to gain a blocking advantage or give a false key.
    You may built motion into certain formations or plays.

    What do you define as a standard twin set?
    Overall, the best set is based upon your run game.
    I prefer the 2x2 set for quick game.