Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pre-Practice Oline


Guards and Tackles-Kick out and wrap drill
Since I love to run the counter game I spend about five minutes with my guys kicking out and wrapping up. This is a high tempo activity with the emphasis on speed and footwork.

The guard needs to throw his inside elbow out and then work on an angle to kick out the EMOL
The tackle works on what I call the Bunny Hop. He jumps back with two feet and works on keeping his shoulders parallel to LOS with eyes on the backer that he is going to wrap up on.

Combo Drill
Guards and Tackle
Work on moving the defender into the 2nd level. My coaching emphasis here is pushing the hips together and keeping eyes on the 2nd level defender that is their responsibility. Please take a look at one of the earlier posts that describes how I plan on using a variant of operant conditioning to train my olinemen to keep their eyes on the 2nd level defender.

Gun Fighter
Hand on hips shields
Throw hands into the numbers of the players across from you.
Two hand punches
One hand punches
Make sure the players have proper knee bend and their head pushed back.

During this time frame the center(s) are snapping and moving.
My centers are instructed to be snapping every time they are not included in a segment. I want them to get maximum amount of reps working on the gun snap.
My coaching points her are keep the butt down, lock the wrist, and throw the ball through the midline of the body.

I would love to hear about your pre-practices. Please feel free to post.

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