Wednesday, March 30, 2011

R4 Powerpoints

I'm in the process of putting all of our concepts into powerpoints with emphasis on R4...let me know what concept you would interested in seeing. Some of you already know that STICK (we call it BENCH) is our favorite concept. We have tweeked it a bit to make it 5 step concept.
What we have carried in the past
Y CORNER (variation of)

This year we are looking at adding Coach Slack's CURL and VERTICAL concepts


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing this, as I just learned how R4 worked when Coach Slack was in Indy.

    Coach Knight

  2. I saw Coach Slack in Indy also and have been installing R4 concepts with my team in Sweden the last few weeks. I felt that with the Rhythm route often being a deep route, the use of the 4 Vertical concept is less important, and have opted to install his Shallow, Flood, and Curl concepts first. The next concept I want to install borrows heavily from his C.O.P. concept, but is a little bit more like a traditional Snag (3 man on one side, 2 man on the other) concept.

    What do you see as the value of using the 4 Vert in your system?

  3. We may end up combining the SHALLOW and VERTICAL concepts. Tag one of the 4 WRs on the shallow...

  4. hey dacoachmo,
    first: i love your blog and as a young coach i have learned much from it. now im getting into the r4 and i try to evaluate what it can do for me and my team. i found this post in your archives and wanted to ask if you could upload the powerpoints so i could learn more about r4. that would be very helpful. thank you in advance, greetings from germany

  5. Really liking the blog, it has been extremely useful as a young coach. I'm interested in seeing the R4 powerpoints that you have put together. I'm familiar with the R4 system and actually have the book. It was an eye opener for me and has been a great source. Especially coaching quarterbacks, which I'm a QB coach at a High School in New Jersey. Also, i'm in the process of getting certified by the QBA aka Darin Slack. Went to two camps this summer and it has done wonders for my understanding of the QB mechanics and just the mentality one must have.

  6. At johnny and Kevin...did you get teh links for the R4 PPs?

  7. im sorry coach,
    but i didnt see that you replied. i didnt get the links for the ppt.. i just got the smash, stick and curl concepts from the other post of yours. can you send it directly to this email: the-johnny@ist-einmalig.de

    great appreciation,

  8. I just found this page and I'm very interested in reading what other coaches have to say. I dove into R4 last winter and it has 100% changed my way of coaching after 25 years. It has reduced our passing playbook by about 50% and increased our efficiency in practice and games by 100%. Our QBs are QBA trained and my entire O staff has an above average ability to each R4.
    Thanks for letting me join the conversation.