Saturday, December 26, 2009

XMAS gifts

For Christmas I received two football coaching DVDs Coach Lewis' the Hybrid and Coach Eien's Exotics and Trick Plays.

Coach Lewis does a nice job with this DVD. I own the entire series and I have only run a handful of single wing plays that past two seasons. I have to say every time I am done with his DVDs I go to my football coaching notebook and I try to add some of his concepts to the things we already run. In the spring I am going to commit to running one spinner series. I figure I need two runs and one pass of this series for it to be effective for my offense.

Check out Coach Lewis' preview of the Hybrid:

I will post shortly about the Exotics and Trick Plays that Coach Eien pontificates about on his dvd.

Below is one example from coach's DVD.

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