Sunday, November 29, 2020

3 Plays that caught my eye this year (Part 1)

 To those of you who have been able to play this season. I am excited for you, here in Georgia the playoffs are in full swing we made the 1st Round before bowing out. 

For those of you who will be playing in the spring. I hope that some of the things we learned during the quarantine plus the season that some of us have had is useful to you this season. 

As I start to go back and watch film and see what teams did that worked. Here are three plays that caught my eye early in the season. 

Play One - Counter Screen

I was introduced to this play by Coach Conder this off-season because like him Counter GT is a scheme that we both love a lot! But it wasn't until I saw it in action on film vs a team that we were preparing for that it stood out. The guard and tackle away from the screen will pull to simulate GT and the center, guard and tackle show a down block before blocking the screen. Here is a clip of the play.

Play Two - Boot Throwback

I saw this play twice from the team that won our region watching film, they called it on third down twice. A boot (semi-roll) TE throwback. Fake Zone and boot opposite, TE leaks backside for a big pass. If you are looking for something to add to your third down menu, look into this. I will be studying this play this off-season. 

Play Three - Shallow Screen

If you know me, you know I am a huge Screen guy. The one that was the best add and the most used was the Shallow Screen ran by several teams. However, notes from Josh Herring help us perfect it and run it probably about 20 times this season and complete 14 of them.  We get called for holding on this clip. But I will show you later on how we make this play even more successful later in the year. 

Also if you haven't check out this video on Play-Action Shots in the Power Spread. Best Video on creating explosive plays on my channel. 

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