Friday, July 17, 2020

2019 San Fran... THE Complete Manual by Bobby Peters

Coach Peters continues his assault on offenses everywhere. He lights up Twitter with plays upon plays upon plays. I had to see what was going on... I secured a copy of The 2019 San Francisco 49ers Complete Offensive Manual. This thing is HUGE! More like the WAR and PEACE of manuals. 

It most definitely passes the "flip test."

Well over 50 sections of plays. He details the plays and diagrams from Just Plays Sports. But wait that's not all! He tags all the plays and where to find them on NFL GAME PASS

First, find out what you want to study... my first choice was SLANTS. 

Fifteen diagrams to study...then a Down and Distance breakdown. 

And finally the hidden gem: film markings! 
We love film. 
This is how to find it!


How about a little REVERSE! 
Flip to page 141. 
Find 6 diagrams. 

It took me less then five minutes to find the plays!

Coach Peter's books can be found in Kindle Format too. After being impressed by the 2019 San Fran Manual. I went over to his Amazon Inventory. Ohh, a little "No Risk It. No Biscuit" Bruce Arian 2019 Tampa Bay Manual... Sign me up! 

Also in the Coach Mo Library.

The Melting Pot: How to Acclimate Old NFL Concepts into your High School or College Offense

Quarterback Development

Dear Coach Peters, 

keep them coming... 


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