Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Snap Count

Everything went great last night...68-25 victory. The opponent figured out of SNAP COUNT pretty easy. We will be changing it. The QB was calling UNO UNO (for on one) or DOS DOS (for two). For the JV game I switched to MONDAY MONDAY (for one) and TUESDAY TUESDAY (for two). So now I will open for comment on how YOU communicate to the OL the snap count!


  1. on the LOS we call it with names or towns or anything else, the first letter is always the same as the snap count's first letter (like: Mary=Masodikra, which means on two), but sometimes we fake it to consfuse the defense

  2. Pick a state (or country) for each snap count and then use cities in that state. The point is not to get into some geography exercise where they find the most unknown town in a state but by having 2-3 ways to call "on one", you keep the D guessing.