Saturday, November 28, 2009

Martial Arts for football

Since I became an offensive line coach I have been intrigued how the martial arts can help an offensive lineman with their punch. I bought the Coach's Choice video Martial Arts for Offensive Linemen and the Tunch Punch dvd.

I have to say both of them are informative and you can use some of the techniques on Miller's dvd. The Tunch Punch dvd is excellent and is a must buy for any coach who is interested in this type of training.

During the season we use a variation of these hand strikes with our oline striking their opponent with two hands and then alternating hands. During the offseason we incorporated numerous Tunch Punch drills and saw an improvement in our oline and dline ability to strike and separate. It is not very difficult to incorporate and I think gives a coach a big bang for their buck.

Below are several examples that I have recently incoporated into my teams offseason conditioning program.

Double Handed Strikes-emphasis on elbows being in, sitting in an athletic position, and using the meat of the hand to strike.

Hi-Low- the player will strike a pad high and then low. The aforementioned coaching point are incorporated into this movement.

Single Handed Strikes-Same as doubled handed except only with one hand

Combo Movements-Hand strikes that end being a series of movements. For example, one strike with left hand followed by two with the right.

It is my contention that by doing just these few exercises in the offseason that we should see a dramatic improvement in our players ability to engage a defender.

Check out these two clips for examples:

This second video is more geared towards dline and offers some questionable techniques.

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