Saturday, January 27, 2018

Coach Singleton does it again!!

KISS, also known as Keep It Simple Stupid is a FOUR letter Acronym that likes to keep everything simple. This can also apply to Coach Singleton’s newest course, which is the rule of FOUR. This is not the first course that I’ve "taken" from Coach Singleton and as is the case with his other courses, I was not disappointed. He does a great job explaining every play and has film clips for most plays.

I will say that I love the layout of the Coach Tube. The clinic is divided into chapters for easy review. 

I love how Coach Tube adds a PDF of the slides too. I would post them all...but I'm sure Coach Singleton would not be happy! (so just buy it.)

I am a terminology junkie and love to learn how other teams call their plays, motions, and shifts. Here is a slide showing an example of motions.

Coach Singleton has an attention to detail when coaching the plays. 

Buy this course! A steal at $14.99 compared to other for $$$$$.

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