Sunday, May 4, 2014

How we come up with the game plan...The Basics by Terrence Banks

What plays do we want to run this week and how much to run is always a question that every coach has to answer on Sunday’s staff meeting.
While we are a spread team I think our basics can apply to any offense. I had the pleasure of hearing Noel Mazzone live and in color in Nashville two years ago for eight hours and he enhanced my knowledge of the spread game and changed/clarified my game planning.

After, of course, watching film, the first thing we do is have the coaches’ draw up the expected front we expect to receive vs. every formation we are thinking about running. Then, by formation, I allow my coaches to put up every play they want to run. The key is we are only going to have 28 regular plays in the game plan. I say 28 because we will keep four Red Zone Plays and three 3rd and five plays. We start with the 28, it may be 20, 45, 98 plays on the board we won’t carry more than 28 plays into the game. Twenty Eight is the max (we have run less several times). We also determine four Red Zone Plays and hopefully two of those are inside the 5. Also we come up with three 3rd and medium plays. Our game plan includes no more than 35 plays total. Because we are a No Huddle Spread team, we generally run a play three times in that week. There are other tidbits, I will share in a latter write-up, but this explains the basics of our game plan decision making each Sunday.

3 sample 3rd and 5 calls

  • Levels
  • Curl/Flat
  • Stick-Draw

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