Friday, July 6, 2012

Combo Plays

There is nothing like having to make the right choice on 3rd down and 5 of a crucial drive late in the game, or 2nd down and long or even 1st down when the defense is being unpredictable. Spread offensive coaches still follow the same bible of play calling since the birth of the offense.  5 in the box = run, 7 in the box = throw. 6 in the box = well it depends on a lot of factors (Football Math). Defenses have evolved to keep 6 men in the box to keep offense guessing of their next move.

Spread coaches have moved on to the next phase of play calling to stay ahead of the curve.  Combing plays! There are three types, a) Run and Pass attached, b) Quick Pass and Draw, and c) Pass and Screen. 

You can also read about this at smartfootball.com.  

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I will discuss how we combo each category of play on our staff. The most common play which is in category b is the stick-draw.

We read the backer who has curl/flat to the side of the stick. If he opens to stick it’s 5 in the box run draw, if he blitzes or stays at home we throw the stick.
We will read the same strong side backer, by running the ball away from him by calling stretch weak with the snag concept attached to it. 

If he does not flow with the ball we give the ball to the back, because of numbers, if he does and he vacates the snag area it allows us to read the triangle on the pass.
The last combo is running a pass and a screen attached. One of our favorite pass plays is the Y-Cross concept, we will run that and attached backside TB screen to it.

If the Mike LB drops to take away the crosser the QB flips his body and throws the screen.
No play caller is perfect, but by combining plays we are giving the QB tools to be able to get out of and into a play that suits the current defensive structure, by applying pressure to players that defenses ask to do two things at one time.
We are currently changing our film over to Hudl, once this is complete, I will add clips to illustrate the combo plays.

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