Saturday, March 3, 2012

Chicago March Glazier Clinic Nuggets

Scott Isphording QB coach Toledo

“If your drills are getting stale then check out You Tube…you would be surprised how much is out there”

“What you see on film is either taught or tolerated”

“Don’t try and teach too much in a drill”

“45% of fumbles happen in the pocket”

Matt Canada Offensive Coordinator Wisconsin

“It doesn’t take any TALENT to give good fakes, get off the ball, and not jump offsides”

“The QB’s job is to make completions; the coach needs to make the call for a first down.”

Dave Doeren Head Coach Northern Illinois

“If you can’t lead, the follow the right people.”

“Three P’s – Prepare, Practice, Play to Win”

Frank Steele HUDL rep

“Use Punt to help sync up WIDE and TIGHT views”

“Use arrow keys for ODK instead of mouse, it is much quicker”

Harry Hiestand Offensive Line coach Notre Dame

“Run them off the ball and ATTACK, ATTACK, ATTACK”

“If the defense is moving around…GOOD…they aren’t moving toward the QB!”

Rick Ponx Defensive Coordinator North Central College (IL)

“Use buzz words to help technique”

“Terms like UPPERCUT and SKY the EYES help reinforce rolling the hips into a tackle”

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