Sunday, January 29, 2012


"It takes a strong individual to put the team first."

 Major Lance J Langfeldt  (Marines)

"We spread you out wide, then beat you in the middle."
"I'm ADD and it is the way I run my offense."

Pat Fox, Milford High School (MI)

"The biggest mistake by a new head coach is not respecting the tradition at the school."

John Hart, Warren Central High School (IN)

"Run the Vertical concept on FIRST and SECOND down, NOT THIRD down."

Pat Donley, St. Francis (IN)

"On the goalline, the QB should throw a 2 ball and not a 3 ball"

Jay Wilkinson, Broken Arrow High School (OK)

"Avoid throwing to the hitch from the hash to the boundary...@ 35 yard pass to gain 6 yards..."

Josiah Sears, Franklin College (IN)

"Get the Hitch and GO and Slant and GO on tape...it's one way to ensure soft coverage"
"Why did the Hitch get picked? Probably because you haven't ran Hitch and Go!"

Kyle Hockman, McEachern High School (GA)

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