Wednesday, June 2, 2010


When using the Trips formation to attack the defense, most coaches are trying to outnumber the defense or find a weakness. Remember that the weakness may be in run support or opposite of the Trips. The theme of “a picture is worth a thousand words” was the result when I took a look back at the some of the 2009 season games.

Here are some pictures…

So what do all of the pictures have in common? The defense has FOUR defenders to the TRIPS side. Just by the numbers it is hard to attack the TRIPS side. Next, look at the single WR side. All have a single defender to that side and flat defender (OLB) is packed into the box. SPREAD 101 rules would dictate to throw to the SINGLE WR side until they stop it or roll coverage to him.

The top three routes would be

1) HITCH: don’t be afraid to throw to what looks like press coverage. You would be surprised how many times the DB bails.

2) COMEBACK: Depth can determined by QB’s arm strength and timing. Standard depth would be break at 12 yards and comeback to 10 yards.

3) OUT: 8 to 10 yards. Remember to cheat in the WR’s alignment.

The top concept for me would be the classic Run and Shoot CHOICE concept.

SINGLE WR: FADE/SKINNY. Start by teaching the WR to run a FADE to clear for the CROSSER. With time, you can teach the WR to run a SKINNY POST, but you must make sure he stays a vertical as possible.

FSWR (#1): POST. This is a pretty standard route that should attract deep coverage.

FS SLOT (#2): CROSS. Run diagonal at ILB then can climb to 12 yard depth.

FS IWR (#3): CURL. Run to depth of 10 yards and settle.

RB : ARROW/FLATS. Get to the flats gaining depth up to 5 yards.

1) He peeks at the SKINNY/FADE.
2) He looks to the CROSS.
3) He dumps to the ARROW.

He should take a presnap read of the FLAT defender.

If that Defender is in blitz position then he knows that the top option is the RB,s ARROW.
If the Defender is wider to bail to the flats then he knows that the SLOT'S CROSSER ROUTE will have some space.

RUN GAME to come!!!

HERE ARE a few clips



  1. That's not -exactly- the choice, but nice post! Keep it up!

  2. I got ya, Matteo...
    The Original choice has motion from the old formation. This one is a combination of:
    1) the old school concept
    2) what I ran at a previous school (Trips)
    3) from my former HS coach who has extensive experience running RnS and SPREAD concepts

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