Saturday, March 24, 2018

The Bolt Offense Deaux

Back in March 2016, 2 years ago. John wrote about Coach Joe Osovet and The BOLT Offense.

Then he was still the HC of Nassau JUCO in NY, that was before he was the hottest name in college and now a member of the Tennessee Vol coaching staff.

For the past three seasons, I have been using elements of his offense and RPO's in my own offense.

That article is one of our most viewed article as coaches and UT fans alike all want to know about the Bolt Offense.

Here is a preview from the Coaches Choice videos if you wanted more information after reading our previous article. 

Attached HERE are clinic notes and diagrams on his favorite formations and a few of his RPO's and Secondary Manipulations from a online clinic he did back on twitter.

Coach Osovet does a great job with various inside zone and counter trey plays that we have come to love in the spread.

I advise you to go follow him @CoachOsovet on Twitter.

Secondly, I have been asked to share what practices from the books I have read that I am applying right now to help my team and myself as a coach.

#1 - I take 30 minutes every day, early in the morning when settled at work at my office. To clean off my desk, I do so while listening to music it helps me to focus, remove clutter and see if there was anything on my desk that needs completion that I may have missed.

#2 - My WR coach and myself have been work with WR's on getting better at blocking! We haven't focused on catching or route running... just blocking, deliberate practice trying to make or weakness our strength . Our state allows a coach to work with 4 kids at a time with a ball in the off-season. But we haven't pulled one out. We rotate working with WR's on blocking.

These two items alone, I think are helping me as a coach and my team. I am getting a lot more done and I think we will see an improvement in blocking come this Spring!

I think everyone who has purchased my Coach Tube Class, you can still get 20% off from this blog!


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