Wednesday, April 12, 2017


I presented last March on the SNAG CONCEPT at the Southeastern Wing-T Clinic in Dublin, Georgia. Hosted by Dublin High School. It was a great clinic and I would like to thank the Dublin staff for the opportunity to share my knowledge.


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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Mark Helfrich at Notre Dame Coaches Clinic 2017

“Leave it better than you found it”

Principles/Logistics of the No Huddle Offense


Question>> What is your goal?
  • Control mind and tempo of BOTH TEAMS
  • We want the appearance of hyper speed
  • Physical in the run

Meetings quick reactions make quick reactors
  • Players need to ask questions, not always coach driven/lecture
  • Make sure QBs come into meeting with questions
  • QBs learn from each other!

Practice - make it harder than the game
  • It should include unexpected situations
  • Helps to narrow their focus, leave outside distraction off the field

Weight Room - This is where you prepare to become a great football player!

Make your physical fitness a real AND physiological weapon.

This is taught as a fundamental just like blocking and tackling.

How many words do use?

Cadence/Snap Count/True Tempo
  • The offense controls when the ball is snapped.
  • You can manipulate and stress the defense before you snap the ball.
  • You give the QB or the Offensive playcaller a tremendous advantage using the time at the LOS instead of the huddle.

Communication-Pre Snap
How do get plays in?

Use terms/phrases that your team can identify with…

At Oregon….
We used ONE to signal to LINE
And ONE to signal to SKILLED

  • Whatever it is...keep it game like as possible
  • Keep your coaching as game like as possible...NO REDOS...have a “NEXT PLAY” mentality
  • Number of plays vs number of minutes (The defense on a different schedule usually…
  • Use walkthroughs tempo for teaching periods to rest/recover and adjust when tired
Game Planning
  • Whatever you run
  • You cater to the QB- sometimes you want to call it; sometimes he checks
  • You make it more difficult to disguise their defense
  • You find or create mismatches 
  • Always dictate tempo-mind games and stress
  • Brand new every week in the first series >>>> SHIFTS,ACTIONS,ROUTE,FORMATION

***QBs are becoming too much like a specialized position.
Too much GURU/drill work.
More Competition is needed to be successful!!
QUICKEST WAY to communicate a play?
USE ONE WORD for everything= Formation,Strength,Play PERSONNEL TOO!

TENDENCY BREAK= Have one formation that has each of the following

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Sunday, January 29, 2017

ZONE STICK by Coach Banks!

"Don’t change the play, change the presentation." 
Noel Mazzone

As all of us use the offseason to research changes and updates to our offenses,  I have come to one conclusion, FIND multiple ways to run the same play and not add several new plays. An example of this lies with "America’s RPO"… Zone-Stick!

Here is a clip of the play and three variations.

Play 1: Directly from the 3x1 alignment.

Play 2: Starting in 2x1 pro alignment and using motion to create the 3x1 alignment.


PRO clips at VIMEO

Play 3: Starting in 2x2 and using motion to achieve 3x1 alignment.


2x2 Clip at VIMEO

Play 4: Another way to window dress the 3x1 alignment is to go Trips with the TE away. 


TE Trips clips at VIMEO

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Sunday, July 10, 2016

3 DAY INSTALL by Coach Banks

Install your offense and 3 days and just repeat! That has been the wave of what football coaches have been saying for the past few years. This post agrees but disagrees with them! Our install schedule on offense has a 10 plan. Which is broken down into three groups, and each group has three parts. Basically we take each install section and have an A, B and C part. People have asked me why we do it that way. To me the answer is simple. As an educator, I look at teaching my players the same way I teach my students. I would never start off teaching multi-step equations on day one without first teaching them one and two step equations, so why would I do that on the football field?

 Our Spring Football and Preseason Install Schedule goes as follows for Ten Days:

Day One     Day Two Day Three
1A 2A 3A

Day Four Day Five Day Six
1B 2B 3B

Day Seven Day Eight Day Nine
1C 2C 3C


Pretty straightforward right? 
I know you want to know what goes in each group and how we determine what goes in A, B, C. 
Here is a sample for us.



  • KEYS

So on Day A: We are installing Base Formations no motions, no tags, simple line up fast and play the basics (one step equations).
When we come back to 1B: We add something all of our motions, our combo plays for example zone/stick & stretch/pop pass, still no tags (two step equations) 
Then when we get to 1C: Everything (Verts with shallows, and Fade/Out , stick/nod, hitches w/ corner and fades, etc) (multi-step equations) 

This is our modified three day install with groups. 10 day install keeping it easy and simple for our players to learn, after the ten days we meet again as a staff to determine what to keep and what to throw away. 

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Monday, March 7, 2016

The BOLT Offense

I just attended last weekend's Glazier Clinic in Chicago and one of the speakers DEFINITELY had the spark. Joe Osovet, former Head Coach for Nassau Community College. Non stop high energy for the entire day! 

From my notes and his Presentations.

  • Foundation is TOUGHNESS…..NOT finesse, gadgets, or tricks!
  • Limit the number of schemes for your offensive line
  • Ability to run the “READ” game out of our POWER PLAYS
  • Make defense defend multiple players during same play (Triples/RPO’s)
  • Be MULTIPLE in our Pre-snap alignment
  • Play Fast –Well conditioned athletes DEFEAT tired talent!
  • Put all the thought process on your QB (He touches the ball the most)
  • DO NOT let defense play down hill
  • Must have ANSWERS on game day

If you have the chance, go see him!  @CoachOsovet

Some X and Os articles

Coach Osovet on No Huddle

Coach Osovet on RPOs

Coach Osovet on Counter Trey

Friday, January 15, 2016

W Read Redux by Coach Banks

A couple years ago, I and Coach Maurek talked about a play from Chuck Martin; I believe 4 to be exact. The name of the play is W-Read. The play is a Boundary Vertical Switch concept that I love to run off of play-action and in 3rd and long situations. If you are looking for a play research this off-season this is it. You can add tags including shallow and an out route and very multiple in formations. Go back here to read, research and watch Grand Valley State clips. 
Here I give you a few of ours from the pass season.

Coach Martin's Favorite Concept by Coach Maurek 


W-Read (1701907) from Terrance Banks on Vimeo.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Follow up video of ONE WORD plays

Since I'm the extreme slacker on posting, my buddy Coach Banks lends me a "hand".

Here is some video as a follow up to Coach Banks ONE WORD PLAYS

Thanks @tbanks1906 


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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

It's HERE... Every play revealed!

It's here! Every play from the National championship game by The Alex Kirby!

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Offense, Defense, AND SPECIAL TEAMS!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Clinic notes finally

Okay, so this how behind I am...Here are some notes from LAST YEAR!


Chuck Martin Head Coach at Miami (OH)

-Best Goal is "Be a Great Teammate"

Mick McCall Northwestern OC and QB coach

-"QBs must be able to "toe the line" of Arrogance and Confidence"

Jim Bridge Purdue OLine coach

-"Pass Protection is a PHYSICAL act"

John Shoop Purdue OC and QB coach

-"MORALE is the most important thing and the most underrated."

Casey Gillin University of Indianapolis OC

-"Be perfect! Strive for 100% completions."

Matt Theobold Franklin College (IN) OC

-"Stay with what got us down there!" (in the Red Zone)

Purdue and State notes