Sunday, April 18, 2010

Notre Dame Clinic tidbits

Here are a few things I either noticed or wrote down during the clinic.

Instead of using the term FINISH they say SCORE.

When asked "What do you look for in a QB?"
ND OC Charley Molnar answered "We want a QB that can extend the play"

Coach Kelly's notable quotes

“Not to it, through it” in reference to cones as an ending point of a drill.

He told the QBs to “Keep your feet alive” instead of having happy feet.

When he meets with the players, he tells them
"You are here to play for Notre Dame"

Pride and Tradition will not be left up to the weak and timid.


At the Saturday morning practice, within the first five minutes, Coach Kelly strongly told the QBs to get rid of the hand warmers and "quit being soft!"

OL coach Ed Warinner shouts “Knock him off the ball”

ESPN radio host Mike Golic was at practice on Saturday...he looked almost skinny, that P90X program is working!

X and O diagrams to come

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