Thursday, March 4, 2010


Most coaches will agree that when putting in a play action, that one of the first goals is to:

Simulate your best run play.

I believe the next factors should be:

Where does run support come from?

What zone is vacated by the defense?

And finally:

Use motion to attract the defenses’ attention.

Using motion brings us to one of my favorite play action passes, at one time was called WAGGLE. This was taken from the old school WING-T WAGGLE play. You start with a 2x2 formation and bring one slot in jet motion. This action should attract the attention of the LBs and SAFETY.

The routes are similar to the run and shoot concept known as X Choice. The playside WR can be tagged, but a Skinny or Glance Post is a good start. This helps control the deep coverage. Other possible routes could be Post Corner or Comeback. The Comeback is a nice safe route but not a true Rhythm route in the R4 system. Depth of the routes are pretty standard, however the comeback needs to be adjusted according to timing.

The backside slot runs a diagonal route across the LB box. The main coaching point here is to gain depth and to slow down in “green grass”. This is the READ route in the R4 system.

The Backside WR runs a POST to help control the Safety. This could replace the Skinny as the Rhythm Route.

Finally, the RB will run an arrow to help expand the LB that is dropping to the flats. The SLOT running Jet motion will slow his speed down and SIT near the sideline, after carrying out a good ball fake. Coaching Point to carry out a proper fake is telling the SLOT to grab his jersey near his armpit to make it look like he has the ball. He also needs to pump his arm and turn his chest away from the defense. To help avoid hitting the ball, tell the SLOT to place his bottom hand on his belly, NOT in a normal bottom hand position to receive a handoff. Both are RUSH routes in the R4 system. Some may even say the RB is the RUSH and the SLOT is the RELEASE.

The QB will take his normal 5 step drop. Looking SKINNY, DIAGONAL, ARROW.

In the event he needs to throw to the SIT, he may need to partial roll toward the route to escape pressure.

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  1. Great Clips of VEER. Thanks Coach Stivers!