Friday, February 13, 2015

Getting "Sloppy" on the Defense

The title of this article was very close to being “Getting Sloppy with Josh Herring”, thankfully; I decided that may be too risqué for the followers of this squeaky clean blog. Many of you already know that I am a clinic rat. I attend at least three, every offseason. I would go to more, but

hit with frying pan


When I first started attending clinics, I was always seeking out college and pro coaches. A high school coach really needed to pique my interest with a snazzy topic title like...

“Score 112 points in 48 minutes”

“The No huddle, Up Tempo, High Octane, Fast Speed Warp Offense”

“Easy way to score points without practicing”

Now, I really seek out the high school coaches because they can’t just recruit 6’5” 290 lineman or 6’2” athletes. So as I scanned the ever growing library at Coaches Edge Technologies, the iBook I choose was Josh Herring’s “Quick Rhythm Option Routes”. I am always looking for minor or easy expansion for the offense. 

Josh Herring recently completed his 5th year as Offensive Coordinator and QB coach at Lassiter High School in Marietta, Georgia.                                    
Coach Herring only talks about two routes in this iBook…however, how he pairs the routes with different concepts and various formations making them versatile and flexible. He goes into more detail about the SLOPPY route. He does a great job teaching the route. He goes through multiple clips to show the route in action. This is much more helpful then seeing the same clip over and over!!

The iBook contains 5 chapters with an additional 4 “chapters” of cut-ups.
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Sloppy
Chapter 3 Running Back Sloppy
Chapter 4 Dodge
Chapter 5 Teaching and Drilling Option Routes
Chapter 6 Further Review: Cut-ups for your own study

I like how Coach Herring uses HUDL’s playbook as a template. It provides clean and precise lines and proper spacing.

Coach Herring uses a DIG over the TOP of the SLOPPY ROUTE. This DIG proves a better option for the QB and help keep the defense guessing. Sloppy is the route to use for that player you want the ball and that the defense may be keying on. If the Gift of a HITCH is not there, Sloppy provides THREE WAYS to get your stud into open space. 



Is your RB the playmaker?
Then teach him to run the SLOPPY from the backfield!

My favorite way may be SLOPPY from #2 Field WR with CROSS by #3!


The DODGE route only has two ways to get to open space. Coach Herring described it as “we found that Dodge is a route for which more players have a knack.”

Still need to mess with those pesky Linebackers? Then pair CROSS concept with DODGE from the field #2 WR.


So there is a little taste of  SLOPPY and DODGE …

You want more? You gotta bust that piggy!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Dan Gonzalez for only $25.00

For those smart people out there that own his books, here is chance to hear him LIVE!

For those that don't own any format of his books... 

Check out my previous post. NOW!

I have been lucky enough to talk to Coach Gonzalez a few times and it has always been informative! Coach Gonzalez’s webinar is set for February 10th at 8:30pm EST. This webinar is loaded with information and sound concepts for attacking and dictating to a defense.  Webinar is available live as scheduled. If you are unable to sit in on the live event, you will be able to purchase the recording. 

Register here:


Email grabkj@gmail.com. Put “Gonzalez” in the subject line. Upon your registration you will receive a code for A Coaching Arsenal iBook and be entered in a drawing to win 5 Coaches Edge current or future titles of your choice.

Get ready for a new education!!