Sunday, March 11, 2018

Off-Season "Tidbits with Terrance"

No matter how your season finished last year, you need to get better. Here are some things that I have been doing this off-season that I think can be helpful for you...

#1 I hope you are creating cutups on all your plays from last season. 

You must review your plays from last year and watch film and decide on if certain plays need improvement.

#2 Clinic Up

I subscribed to theartofcoachingfootball.com clinics. They have some excellent clinics you should watch. Scott Frost & Hugh Freeze are two good ones.

YouTube clinics. If you haven't subscribe to Mike Rowe's YouTube page for ideas.

Don't forget my Coachtube class on using the Stick Route in the RPO Game 

#3 Read Books

So far I have read three good books this off-season working on number 4.

#4 Listen to podcasts

Two of my current favorites include Ron McKie &

I will be back in a week with a form and questions that my staff answers about every opponent in the off-season to help us with next year.

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