Sunday, January 29, 2017

ZONE STICK by Coach Banks!

"Don’t change the play, change the presentation." 
Noel Mazzone

As all of us use the offseason to research changes and updates to our offenses,  I have come to one conclusion, FIND multiple ways to run the same play and not add several new plays. An example of this lies with "America’s RPO"… Zone-Stick!

Here is a clip of the play and three variations.

Play 1: Directly from the 3x1 alignment.

Play 2: Starting in 2x1 pro alignment and using motion to create the 3x1 alignment.

PRO clips at VIMEO

Play 3: Starting in 2x2 and using motion to achieve 3x1 alignment.

2x2 Clip at VIMEO

Play 4: Another way to window dress the 3x1 alignment is to go Trips with the TE away. 

TE Trips clips at VIMEO

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