Friday, June 29, 2012

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First week in July is moratorium time for football in Indiana...So I will have some time for an article or two...

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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Coach Martin's Favorite Concept

The last few years going to clinics, I always make it a point to ask questions. My two favorites are

Q: What is your favorite concept?

Q: What do you call on 3rd and 10?

During the Notre Dame Coach’s chalk talk, when the opportunity came for me to ask a question. I asked Coach Martin “What is your favorite concept?” He got a sly grin, paused then started drawing a boundary throw…As he drew the concept, it looked familiar to me. The concept is known as Grand Valley State “W Read”. 

The beauty of this concept is that combines many of Coach Martin’s philosophies.

  • Can be run from multiple formations
  • TE to the boundary
  • Empty
  • Empty with a TE
The base of this concept is the crossing wheel action. The main difference is it is not your classic POST by #1 and OUT and UP #2. 


1 part Run and Shoot SWITCH CONCEPT

      A dash of Coach Martin                                                                                                                                           

Basic QB tip

“Don’t throw TO the WR…Throw ball AWAY from defenders”


The #1 (outside) WR runs directly to the hash to a depth of 18 yards. This route allows the WR to get to open grass sooner and it is not a typical route that a CB may have to defend.

The #2 (inside) WR runs to a depth of 5 yards to the outside edge of the numbers…

EDITOR’S NOTE: I prefer telling WRs Outside and Inside of NUMBERS, NOT TOP or BOTTOM of the NUMBERS. In the past, when I told a rookie WR “get on the top of the numbers”, he would be DIRECTLY on the numbers…in the middle of them!
The inside WR breaks up and stays on the edge of the numbers.


The #1 (outside) WR get to 10 yards (or over LB) then run the route between a DIG and a POST.

The #2 (inside) WR begins the same wheel type route; the only difference is if he can’t beat the CB then SIT IT DOWN.

VS 2 HIGH SAFETIES plus a LB walling and dropping deep

Now the concept becomes similar to the run and Shoot SWITCH concept

The #1 (outside) WR settles at 8 yards without getting too wide

The #2 (inside) WR settles at 12 yards

I look forward to seeing Notre Dame running this concept against the big boys this year. I also plan to run this concept in some form this season. Cross your fingers that I will get some quality clips this year!

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Coach Kohler Clinic Notes

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Missouri's Coach Yost

I'm always entertained and enlightened when I get the chance to see Coach Dave Yost.

His basis for offensive planning is "Attack the defense with what they don't like."

He spoke briefly about the principles of the Missouri offense

1) FOUR VERTICALS: This is one of the best ways to get the defense into 2 safeties. Some years it is better than others, but always want to have the threat of it.

2) NO HUDDLE: Keep the defense out of their comfort zone.

3) TEMPO: Change it up, to keep the defense from finding a rhythm.

4) BUBBLE SCREEN: Make the defense defense the FORMATION. Around 90% of the run game has a BUBBLE or NOW built in.

5) SLANT PATTERN: The best route that allows for run and catch up the field. They love to throw it against the blitz, The WR has the chance to catch a short route and turn it into a big gain.

6) SCREENS: The type of screen varies from year to year. Make sure to throw screens to your play-makers!

7) EMPTY: 3x2, 4x1, 5x0... There is no defense designed for EMPTY. Do not use EMPTY for dropback concepts. Use EMPTY for QUICK GAME, SCREENS, and QB RUNS.

8) FORMATION to the BOUNDARY: Defenses don't like to defend strength to the boundary, the MIKE linebacker hates going to the "weak-side". It creates a lot of space for the single WR to the field.

9) UNBALANCED LINE: The last defenders to adjust are the D LINEMEN. They are creatures of habit that like to line up in the same technique. It also affects the Linebacker's gap responsibility.

10) FORMATION ADJUSTMENTS (1 different each week): Bunch or Motion. Use it just for "window dressing". Most defenses' check for BUNCH is a secondary check...Line up in Bunch then RUN the BALL or screen away from the bunch.

11) QB RUN: The type of run depends upon the QB...When the QB can a be a primary ball carrier then the offense is more effective.

12) OPTION FOOTBALL: Speed option has been the best answer for same side RB run.