Tuesday, November 29, 2011

No-Huddle Manual

I have been working on a no-huddle manual for about two years now. I pick it up and put it down. I am in the final chapter of it and it needs to be edited. Is there anything in a no-huddle manual you are looking for and just can't seem to find.

When I am done, I plan on posting it to the Kindle store for everyone to enjoy. I will let everyone know when it is finally completed.


  1. I have searched the web for info on this topic and here are a few gaps I would be interested in seeing something written on:
    Silent Snap Counts
    Comprehensive list of Signals that are verbal and visual or ideas for creating signals or ways to set up the signaling system that are fast, simple and effective.
    How to teach and install the no huddle in practice.
    How to "Check with me" on the sideline and what plays might work well with this type of system.

  2. Coach- I think you will pleased when this thing here is finally completed. It has all of this information and then some.

    If you email, I might be able to offer some more assistance.

  3. Will it be available outside of kindle format? I am actually working on a PowerPoint for "my" offense and am looking for some ideas on no-huddle communication.

  4. Email me and we can talk about getting it to you in a different format.

  5. Address? If you'd rather not put it out here, my address is bobreeves1@gmail.com.

  6. Question to be covered: practice Tempo, playbook size, personnel changes, checks, play calling (communication during games.