Monday, March 7, 2016

The BOLT Offense

I just attended last weekend's Glazier Clinic in Chicago and one of the speakers DEFINITELY had the spark. Joe Osovet, former Head Coach for Nassau Community College. Non stop high energy for the entire day! 

From my notes and his Presentations.

  • Foundation is TOUGHNESS…..NOT finesse, gadgets, or tricks!
  • Limit the number of schemes for your offensive line
  • Ability to run the “READ” game out of our POWER PLAYS
  • Make defense defend multiple players during same play (Triples/RPO’s)
  • Be MULTIPLE in our Pre-snap alignment
  • Play Fast –Well conditioned athletes DEFEAT tired talent!
  • Put all the thought process on your QB (He touches the ball the most)
  • DO NOT let defense play down hill
  • Must have ANSWERS on game day

If you have the chance, go see him!  @CoachOsovet

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