Friday, January 2, 2015

Using One Word Calls in the Tempo Offense by Coach Banks

Coaches, ask me on twitter from time to time, how do you speed up or do meaningful "check with me" for your offense during the game and/or during practice. One thing that helps in a tempo offense, whether you are full speed No-Huddle or you are no-Huddle and then scan the field is one word calls. The question then is how and when do you use the calls. Here is a brief over view of how we use the calls. We basically take 5 calls into the game, each week and we decide as a staff on Sunday in the manner they will be used.

HAWKS – This is our base run game call. 3rd/4th and short, Inside the 5 on 1st down trying to catch the defense off guard, sometimes off an explosive play to get tempo. It is normally a call like Doubles zone with a comet screen,  i.e., jet motion to trips; zone with a bubble. This sort of play we love on 4th and 1, we usually decide as a staff if we don’t convert this third down we are going for it and already know we are calling Hawks

HORNETS – This is usually a pass play that includes a motion and a shift. This is a base pass play you run, like y cross, sail etc.. Find a way to shift and then motion a player and run it. We usually call this play 2 or 3 times max a game.  We catch the defense off guard with something they have not been expecting or have not seen before. Have fun with this one!

BULLET – Is a play we run a lot and we know the defense is expecting it when they see a certain formation. If you are worried that defense might know a signal or a look and can run a play as a 2 way go, call BULLET. Your team knows you are either running zone to the left with a bubble or if you call flip zone to the right with a bubble. Something basic in your offense. Tempo play, no signals involved and gives you a chance to scan the defense and find numbers while not having to go through signals again to change the play. 

BULL – This call is similar to BULLET in that is a check with me play, however The formation stays the same and the run call or blocking is the same, but the pass routes can change. So you can call Trips Right Y Cross unless you say Flip Then it becomes Trips Right Sail. A way run 2 of your preferred pass routes that week against the look you deem best.

COWBOY – Is the last One Word Call and it is not a play. It is a formation. Got a formation that you don’t use often and you want to use it for just this week. We make this our Cowboy call, Unbalanced, double TEs, etc.. Something the kids know when they hear it to line up in it. For us in the playoffs, it was 2 TE Trips. We didn’t normally run this formation but when we did in the playoffs, we put certain kids in at TE that we thought gave us an advantage. 

This is how we used one word calls in our offense.

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