Saturday, April 14, 2012

Notre Dame Clinic nuggets

When punishing a player...
"Take away what the player loves the most...PLAYING TIME"
Brian Kelly HC

"Drills need to look like a game or they are just warmups"
Bob Diaco DC

"Use a more balanced stance and base for lateral routes to help eliminate false steps"
Scott Booker TE Coach

"You make them (OL) right, pick up theirs" in reference to RB pass protection
Tony Alford RB/Inside WR Coach

"Little Things are big in the grand scheme"
Mike Denbrock Outside WR Coach

"Only use Walk Through or Full Speed...1/2 speed or 3/4 speed to hard to define"
Harry Hiestand OL Coach

"There is no greater feeling for an Offensive Lineman than moving a defender from
Point A to Point B, against his will"
Joe Moore former ND OL coach (from Coach Hiestand)

"A Punt is way better than a turnover"
Chuck Martin OC

"The Stretch Run is a good answer for the inside blitz that run to stop Inside Zone"
Jerrod Ackley, Head Coach, Immokalee High School (FL)

General Notes

  • I'm a offensive coach but, it was fun watching the ND defense play and Coach Bob Diaco coach. 
  • I definitely saw Chuck Martin's influence on the offense. 
  • The offensive staff is doing a fine job moving players around and getting running backs into space. 
  • All four QBs took reps and all had positives and negatives. 
  • Tommy Rees looks much quicker.
  • Mike Golic was at practice on Saturday and he still looks great.

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