Tuesday, June 22, 2010

TREY sets

Here is a response for TREY sets...

I don't prefer SPEED OPTION to strength against this box look.

The defense has the numbers advantage.

I like SPEED OPTION weak or versus a 3-4 front.

TRAP...once again a great play that look like zone read


  1. Thanks for the info. How much drill time do you spend on option and for the QB zone read? You might have previous posts that talk about this. I know that the option and zone read are great weapons but I've been brought up that you are an OPTION team or you are NOT an OPTION team. Right now, we are NOT. Any posts on drill work or reads with this would be appreciated.

  2. http://highspeedspreadfootball.blogspot.com/2010/04/midline-variations-and-diagrams.html

  3. We spend about 30 minutes a day on option. It could be in GROUP TIME or INSIDE RUN...sometimes both!