Sunday, April 11, 2010


I had the opportunity to meet with the new Valparaiso University staff and watch practice. The new head coach is bringing the Air Raid to VU. One of the main drills I got and wanted to pass on was how they practice MESH. They do this daily for at least 6 minutes. They break into two groups. The Meshers/Out combo and the Corner/Swing combo.

In the meshers group, they position coaches as the LBs to make the WRs either settle or run. I would point out to have the QB "look" at the corner route then to the Mesh. The QB throwing to the Out would "look" Corner, Mesh then Out.

In the corner group, the QB needs to work on releasing the ball quickly (Rhythm). The QB throwing the swing would need to "look" Corner,Mesh then Swing.

I plan to see VU again, being that the commute is about 5 minutes from my house!!

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