Saturday, February 13, 2010

Clinic Notes

Sorry for the delay. I am still in the process of finishing pictures and notes. Here is short summary.

Glazier Clinic Chicago 2/4 -2/6/10

Ashland University Head Coach Lee Owens

The biggest points I got from Coach Owens was:
1) When changing to the spread he still wanted that downhill attitude run. The blocking remains the same whether the play is run from under center or from gun.
2) If personnel is a problem then have players learn multiple positions. At Ashland they have Fullbacks and H Backs (TE) grouped together and Running backs and Slot receivers grouped together.
3) You can’t scout game tempo from film.

Mississippi State WR coach Mark Hudspeth

The biggest points I got from Coach Hudspeth was:
1) QB Veer or Midline read: don’t worry about angle of shoulders, where the key is leaning. The read key should be “Can the defender tackle the RB??”
2) Sometimes you may need to get into two back set to get bigger pass plays.

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