Monday, November 30, 2009


When people see no huddle offenses; many think it is always GO-GO-GO. But in truth, there are many different styles and tempos to incorporate into your spread offense.

*FAST- also referred to as INDY or NASCAR.
Teams want to snap the ball quickly to keep the defense on their heels.
Advantages: 1) fast paced keeps defense reeling
2) Substitutions are limited
3) makes it hard for the Defensive Coordinator to make his calls
1) 3 and outs could happen often causing your defense to be on
the field longer
2) It may tired the offense which may lead to mistakes
3) No Motions or limited motions.

*MEDUIM - Teams want to see what the defense lines up in then will call a play to exploit the alignment.
Advantages: 1) Always have the possibility to call the perfect play

Disadvantages: 1) Defense may have time to Sub and make calls
2) Hard to see alignment from the sideline, must have quality
Pressbox coach

*SLOW – Teams will line up will a play call then will reset or run the play.

Advantages: 1) good for 4 minute offense to close the game
2) prepare the offense for a quality play. TRICK PLAY, SLOW DEVELOPING.

OTHER INFO from clinics and forum posts

"Our HC/OC at my previous school use to do this. He had 2 four play sets that we practiced. He called one "Stampede" and the other "Texas".

I'm sure he had some rhyme or reason to when he called them but the game would be going on, it would be like 2nd and 2 and the play call he would send in would be "Stampede"...QB would call it in the huddle, we would run play #1 out of it like any other play, then right back on the LOS ready to go again.

Awesome. The kid's loved it."


There are many ways to communicate your system.

Just yelling it out: works great for formations

Wristbands: everyone is on the same page and can provide position specific assignments

Signals: best used for skilled positions, QB can verbalize the Line assignment. Play caller should avoid be the signaler. Have at least to people to signal, use in practice too.

In Fast or Nascar mode, keep list to a minimum and vary the launch point of passes and run plays.


1 Nose
2 ear
3 throat
4 arm
5 high 5
6 gun 6 shooter OR rub belly (six pack)
7 drinking 7 up
8 2 fists on top of each other
9 top of the head
0 make an 0







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