Friday, November 27, 2009

Combo Drills

We had a very successful season this year running the football. However, at times we struggled to get off of our combo blocks and onto to the second level defenders. While I was reflecting on the season I had a flash brilliance on how I was going to teach combo blocks next year.

This year and previous seasons I taught the oline to use the four hands on the defenders and four eyes on the second level defender. Depending on the movement of the lber an offensive linemen would get off the block.

Next year I am going to use two separate pieces of card stock one will be red and the other will be green. I am going to hold up the red card stock to alert the offensive linemen to stay on the combo block. I will hold up the green card stock when I am moving into an adjacent gap that the linemen is charged with protecting. I am hoping that this will force the oline to use the four hands and four eyes principle and react to the appropriate color. I will check back in when I employ this in the coming months to report on the success of the technique.

Here is an example of combo blocks that I found on Youtube.

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