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10 Keys to becoming a better Offensive Coordinator

For the past 6 years, I have have served as Head Coach and Offensive Coordinator and each year I have refined my process of Coordinating the offense. Here are my tips to help you become a better Offensive Coordinator!

#1 - Essentialism

Go hear Podcast with the Author & Article from Forbes !

Limit the number of concepts you RUN!

We use 4 run plays... It could change from year to year! This year the plan is Inside Zone, Dart, Outside Zone and Pin-N-Pull. However last year we ran Buck Sweep and Counter GT.

Limit your schemes. I love the Snag passing Game. Why? It can be used for Multiple Formations. use whatever you like Y Cross, Curls, etc......

#2 - Possession and Ten

I can not detail enough how important I think this down is!  I think it is the most important down in football. In doing a game breakdown for a friend this past season. They played the team that won there region, overall they were 4-2-5 cover 3 57% of the time on base downs, HOWEVER on possession and ten 96% of the time they were 2 high cover 4! Knowing this would have made a difference in his game planning!

#3 - Explosive Plays

You have to create explosive plays to score! Teams that score average 2 explosive plays per drive. The question becomes how to do you create explosive plays! One reason why coaches love the wing-t is because it is system based.

Sweep Play/Inside Trap/Waggle..

Every offense should be this way! You need a base play, a reaction play for a change in defense, a play to deal with the blitz off of it and a touchdown call!

For us we are going to run the zone with a bubble screen, you better believe that faking the bubble and going vertical is in the playbook!

#4 Common Language

How does your offensive coaches and players communicate to each other. How many steps is a curl, how do you explain what is open, you need to really have a deep look at how you communicate all these things!

If you need help and a starting point. I recommend you go buy this book today - What is Open by Dub Maddox!   . Everyone on offense needs to speak a common language!

#5 - Goal line and Red Zone

Yes, you need a plan of attack for it! It could be a separate formation 22p, wildcat, etc.. Or it could be a set of plays! What has worked well for me has been a) determining when the Red Zone begins for us we saw that teams really didn't start to play us differently until the 13 yard line, so that is when our Red Zone thinking really kicked in. b) Study the breakdown on the front and coverages teams gave on scout film to determine what you should expect inside the Red Zone. c) For us we were more successful when we found 6 play variations off of things that we did that we used in the red zone!

There are certain plays in our base offense that work well anywhere, but we have a catalog of plays that we found that work well in the red zone and we work 2-3 a week and rotate them during the season, really changed our offense for the better in the red zone.

Score In the Red Zone

#6 - 3rd Down is really all about protection

I use to just try to get a bunch of plays from people that "worked" on 3rd down and we focused too much on 3rd down. A - the best offenses DO NOT PLAY 3rd down. That should be your #1 3rd down goal. However, study 3rd down and write down the blitzes, what you will find is most DC's have a rhyme and reason to how they blitz on 3rd down. 1st determine how you will protect your QB on 3rd down and then with the rest of the WR's not needed to protect the QB come up with the best pass play to attack the defense to get the 1st down.


You see how much sacks matter even at the college level! So I learned something from my Brother Coach K . He practices Pass Protection 10 minutes Monday - Wednesday! Take your lineman OL/DL and work stunts and Pass Protection Daily. He does this more than Inside Run. We haven't done it to this level but will more. One nugget when we script plays I picked up from Bobby Bentley was to practice 2 passes for every 1 run. Work on pass protection.

#8 - Group is just as important as Indy

You don't need 30 minutes of Indy only! Find ways to steal time for group no matter the offense.

Spread Teams here are 2 samples...


#9 - YES you must have a script to start the game

Develop a method any method. First 10, First 15. Have a method. Here is mine with my staff

#10 Self-Scout

Always know what plays you have run the last 2 games. Don't let the defense know more than you!

Take a look back, the easiest way is to print out for calls for each individual game from HUDL and then add the last 2 games back together. Know you better than they ever could!

Those are my ten tips to becoming a better offensive coordinator! Doing a few of these or all 10 can make you a better OC this upcoming season! Good LUCK and go score! 

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