Tuesday, June 18, 2019

What I learned from Brent Dearmon at the ATL Glazier Part 2

I know you guys have been waiting on it! So here it goes Part TWO!

This is what he showed us on how to make the "Power" game better.....

#1 - He likes Power Read to the Boundary with TWO Blockers in the boundary!

#2 -  He prefers AT LEAST 3 Blockers to the field when run Power Read to the field!

#3 -  Find ways to OUT FLANK the defense and run Power Read to the field.

#4  - If you see a lot of 4-2-5 2 high defense, one of his favorite RPO's is Power-Seam. The RB uses his Power Read track but is running power.

You can read more here on how I run Power-Read and RPO (Pin N Pull)
Also YouTube Video of the Power Read

You can by his book Evolution of the RPO by Clicking on the Picture

If Video is your thing you can Purchase his Coach Tube Class as well

If you coach HS Ball and you want RPOs that have worked and been used for the past few seasons at the HS level, look into my Coach Tube Class Below

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