Sunday, January 5, 2014

My Favorite play of 2014: Coach Banks

Coach Terrance Banks joins us again for a guest post!

Twitter @tbanks1906

Many of us have fallen in love with the Snag concepts, 3-man snag or the Andrew Coverdale mesh (Coach  Coverdale's original concept can be found here) is one of the most used plays in offensive football today. 2 man snag, used heavily be UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone has quickly become a new favorite of many coaches, mine as well.

However, I have a variation that I fell in love with this season, that is the Snag, Wheel, Swing especially inside the redzone and primarily to the boundary. Without further ado, clips. 

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Then the clips

Oh Snap!

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Coach Mo notes...This is our first post of the year. I can't believe we have been away this long! I have to retrain and discover how to insert HUDL clips directly into the post.

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